Monday, January 15, 2018

Destined For Greatness

We praise and thank you Lord for your message to our first CFFL GA for 2018 -- "DESTINED FOR GREATNESS"!

Looking back to every small & big milestones we achieved so far, we have witnessed how much miracles God has worked in our lives and His manifestations of bits of greatness to which he allowed us to experience each day.

Indeed, we have come a very long way from 4 years ago since we joined the community, -- far from perfect but better than yesterday. And we are so grateful to all our brothers and sisters who have been with us as we embark this journey towards our destiny. We know it isn't going to be a walk in the park but we have learned that as long as we go on, even with the countless times we are so tempted to give up, we just have to keep going.

At victorious moments; look up, Praise God. Acknowledge His miracles and this very bit of greatness He willed for us to experience.

At hard times; let go and let God take control. For we know, we are destined for greatness... we will get there as what He has planned us to be.

Check out below, God's bigtime bonus He has provided to me and my husband: 

  • Our first HH from 2014-2016, our 2017 HH and now so looking forward to our new 2018 HH: for we know, each person we encounter will inspire us and helps us towards achieving that greatness -- our destiny.

  • A chance to serve Him and share the talent He entrusted us through music

  • A never ending inspiration of baby angels: the chance to visit the Laurean Twins last night, the Asher overload throughout the day, the never ending smiles of baby rhys even if he is already sleepy....we claim we'll have our babies too very soon!

Too many to be grateful for isn't it? 


Sunday, May 21, 2017

El Nido, Palawan With Love

Team Maranan just had the best time of our lives during our vacation to the Philippines last Apr-May 2017! 

One of the highlights of this vacation is our trip to the most wonderful paradise in the world (well, at least for us)  and that is -->  El Nido, Palawan

We hope you'll enjoy experiencing El Nido through our video below! :* 

We will share our tips & El Nido itinerary in the separate post. So stay tuned! :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Say Hello, MaryNeth! :)

MaryNeth is the living epitome of God's love. 
They are two hearts bound as one, Mary Grace & Kenneth -- thus, MaryNeth. 

After 2 years of marriage, we have been fond of this name should we be given our baby girl. Till that day will come, let this blog be our baby to love, to care and share with life's little adventures. 

Bits of Mary & Kenneth:
Mary used to blog many, many years ago but has lost that blogging vibe due to life's busy schedule of mixed priorities. Well, till this day, Mary is back in blogging and now with her life's partner in everything.

Kenneth, is a nurse by profession, but his passion to extend kindness and care to the people lies beyond reach. He is a very loving son, husband, brother and a friend. 

When MaryNeth took the path of living this lifetime together, they had so many both little & big adventures, failures and victories that they would love to share. It is never too late right? 

Hello to the World. MaryNeth welcomes you to this blog as they share this life's big & little adventures. :)