A week after birth of Maryneth

November 7, 2016 --> I created this blog and posted about how I came up with the blog name and how important the name "MARYNETH" is.....>>> Say Hello, MaryNeth! 

But I haven't really had the "will to make time" for blogging; hence, I have some drafts but never completed; posts that were never published along these years... 

UNTIL November 7, 2018, 2 years later.... that I found myself blogging again...

I have never imagined to be back in blogging to break my silence from the sudden demise of my little one, Maryneth Maranan.

Throwback last 31st October 2018, I gave birth at 00:42hrs to my little girl........but ........... she went straight back to heaven.

She was 21 weeks and 2 days old in my womb. I had a natural labor and gave birth to her. There was no cardiac activity and even with the presence of the doctors ready to revive her, Maryneth has come to see us and to bid goodbye. 

She was so little, so fragile. Ken and I held her for quiet some time, staring at her beautiful little face and well defined body. Her face was smiling and she looks exactly her dad. 

Anak, if only you are on your full term, healthy and alive, we would have been cuddling with you all day and all night!

What a short, bittersweet journey, anak! 

The day (07July2018) when we discovered that you are already with us, you have brought mommy and daddy to incomparable happiness! 

But now you have left a permanent hole to our hearts........................emptied.....and..........shattered!


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